The Myth of Separation of Powers

March 4, 2007 at 10:41 pm | Posted in Anarchism, Political theory | 1 Comment

Checks and balances through separation of powers is a founding doctrine of limited state mythology. It is something I’ve been thinking needs a good essay attacking this dogmatic false religion. I’ve found an excellent one by Bevin Chu at I couldn’t think of anything missing requiring much commentary. He even gets a tangent jab at Microsoft by hyperlink

If you’ve ever believed this or known someone who has, it is an epiphany for anyone stuck in constitutional idolatry.¬† So much for minarchist objections to anarchism.


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  1. Interesting, I don’t think the USA is a great example of separation of powers as the President acts somewhat like the head of one of two ‘parties’ – these same organisations control the legislature, and the top judiciary is also appointed by the president, and as is unfortunately politicised along the lines of the ‘parties’ as well.

    It is then perhaps by the method of these large political organisations that the separation of powers falls down.
    After all, If congress were made up of individuals, who fight out elections on their individual merits and record of action, rather that a runoff between two party ‘brands’ perhaps you would see members who worked for the populations in their electorate, and better approval ratings than the abysmal single figure ones.

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