How about a Decentralist FAQ? Questions wanted

November 19, 2007 at 9:42 pm | Posted in Decentralism | 1 Comment

A quick Google search confirms that there is no “Decentralist FAQ” on the internet.  I would like to create one.  I also realize that I may be using this term more ideologically than most, trying to add something unique to the libertarian movement.  So if someone sends me answers, I’ll definitely consider using it if I agree, but mainly I’m looking for questions.

I know I don’t have many readers due in part to so infrequent postings, but I’m trying to establish decentralism as something consistent with libertarianism and anarchism, but more than these as a means to show that libertarianism is not innately self-preserving.  However, a question, “How is decentralism different than libertarianism?” may be a good question, but at least for a while I’m looking for more specific questions like, “Is decentralism opposed to voluntarily acquired market power?”

As you can guess by my blog motto, decentralism in concerned about power.  Many questions should be about power of some economic, cultural, political, organizational, or such system.

Note however, that providing any information will be considered releasing any exclusive rights to your comments, noting that I don’t intend to profit from them.  I also apologize that with my real world obligations, this may take a long while to make it good.

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