New Article: Eternal Vigilance or Perpetual Motion Liberty? Pt. 1: Selling Yourself into Slavery

March 27, 2008 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Anarchism, Decentralism, Political theory | Leave a comment

Another article by Lysander’s Ghost on the limits of Rothbardian anarchism and why it doesn’t prevent de facto authoritarianism. I’m still a massive fan of Rothbard, but I’m not one to preach basics to the choir. Consider this a challenge on behalf of decentralism to mainstream Rothbardians. Did I make a mistake in my criticism of standard Rothbardian anarchism? Please show me.

Lesson in Corporate Corruption – Motorola

March 27, 2008 at 1:56 pm | Posted in Decentralism, Operating Systems, Technology | 1 Comment

I try to be vigilant to understand the nature of corruption inherent in centralization, and the megacorporations occasionally provide good examples that escape the secrecy of executive board rooms. An insider within Motorola has provided just such an example. Unlike Enron or WorldCom disclosures of corruption, this is about a company that is not on its dying gasp. It could turn around. Whether it does or not may make an interesting case of corporate inertia where, in America at least, Managerialism has replaced Capitalism. The shareholders are the suckers and executive management gets paid enough that whether they succeed or fail really doesn’t matter. They are set for life.

Here is more about their wasted opportunities that also relate to Motorola’s Linux effort on cellphones:

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