C.S. Lewis, Enemy of the Golden Rule

July 26, 2007 at 11:34 am | Posted in Anarchism, Religion, War | Leave a comment

I’ve been too busy to keep this blog updated regularly.  Nevertheless, I’ve got a new essay published that, like many others, may rile some feathers.  Check it out over at www.strike-the-root.com.  I take an overdue axe to C.S. Lewis’ position as patron saint of modern Christianity.

I am in the process of attempting to change my articles referencing my name to my new pen name: Lysander’s Ghost.  I was warned independently by a recruiter and a hiring manager that my difficulty in actually getting jobs I apply for (even though they say I’m well qualified and they really like me) is that they Google my name and get scared off by my radical essays.  (I didn’t mention to either one that I had any radical essays, they just got curious that there may be something about me on the internet limiting my marketability.)  So now I must retreat to having a superhero’s secret identity.

So besides writing more, I need to find a better job, with a more respectable employer, until I can eventually follow this long term goal.  When our Sr. department manager admits we’ve become the Walmart of our industry, [understood as the lowest quality provider] when we used to be a top quality service provider, its just proof of all my warnings that our management’s philosophy would make us so.

[2012 Edit] Discovered the link is broken on this article and the essay is mistakenly listed under another writer and not found. I’m emailing Strike-the-root.com to see if it is not completely lost and can be restored.

Open Letter of Conditional Surrender in the War on Terror

March 2, 2007 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Decentralism, War | 2 Comments

This is the title of an essay just published at www.strike-the-root.com.  Read it here. It is in a highly polemical style, but so far all comments from libertarian minded people are very positve.

I know it may bring death threats against me if read by nationalists, but the point is not to get them to read it to make them mad.  The point is to get Moslems and the various cultures and nations persecuted and slaughtered by Americans to consider libertarianism.  When America falls, our liberty may depend on these people not being vengeful.

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