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This is the blog of Lysander’s Ghost. Decentralist, libertarian, anarchist, Christian, guitarist, husband and father of five, progressive rock fan, and amateur political philosopher.

I have occasional essays published at www.strike-the-root.com here and www.anti-state.com here.

Here is the www.pandora.com radio station I have customized with progressive and other music I like.

Some of the ideas I support:

Food and farming: www.westonaprice.org

Genius in guitar amps designed by rejecting behaviorism: www.pritchardamps.com

The Linux distribution I use most often and recommend to everyone: www.ubuntu.com



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  1. Hi Carlton,

    Am writing at the suggestion of http://www.liberty.li, a libertarian site based in Germany. I have just started acting stateside on their behalf.
    Maybe you would like to register and post some of your “stuff” there, too. You are welcome.

    I also operate http://www.voluntaryist.com and Robb at strike the root is a correspondent.

    Hope you can look over the two sites.

    Carl Watner

  2. Wow! Carl Watner! I’ve been reading your stuff for a decade. I’m not a strict pacifist or non-voter, but close enough that it is nearly accurate to call me both. I’ll check out that website. I even have a book of a Voluntaryist essay collection, which was excellent.

  3. Post! Please! 🙂

    libertarian (anarchist, voluntaryist) Christian (Mennonite)

  4. [Decentralist],

    I finally got the time to sit and read the links you’ve sent to me. I am reviewing our emails to go back to the things I never had time to read.
    I have never been one to follow the crowd, I’m more of a rebel or a “questioner”, so to speak. I want to know why ….. like children always ask, “Why,…why….why!!”
    I don’t want to presume, but at times those that have a “higher education” tend to speak in terms the “common man” cannot understand, or talking over their head. I get a lot of what you are saying on all subjects. 1) The problem is that for me and others to better understand you may need to word things more simple and lead up to the more difficult. 2) Maybe answer why. Example: I have been into herbs and farming most of my adult life. I have never heard anything about fermenting. I am essentially ignorant of the whole subject, therefore I need to know why. 3) Maybe attach some links to explain more in your blog.
    I’ve been accused of being the “glue” in family and friend ties. I didn’t really like the title or what it implied, at the time. I then realized for one, it was true and that I had opportunity. As you can imagine there are many different beliefs, ideas etc. in circles or groups of people. I realized I could reach the “sheep”, so to speak. I tend to lean more toward family because “friends” have come and gone, not to mention turned on me (stabbed me in the back). Most of my family is or was raised “Church of Christ”. I felt it was a good start but I do not post a label for myself other than “Christian” (a follower of Christ). I feel the Churches have created a “box” and no one can think outside of it or question it. I prefer the road less traveled, therefore, I’m sort of the “black sheep” in most of their eyes, because I choose to ask why and then investigate. I am curious about a LOT of things and at times may get passionate about law and other stuff but I mostly stay on a straight line. The line being God, is this of God, how is this of God, what way does it pertain to God, is this his will and will I be doing right in his eyes. I feel I have come a long way from the ignorant, shy, gullible, trusting girl I was. Although I did not finish public school I desided that I was not worthless and could educate myself but, about the things I wanted to know. So I didn’t read Narnia or Lord of the Rings (don’t care to) etc…Maybe in make believe they were good books but I’m glad I left school before having wasted the brain cells. I do want to learn more of what you are talking about so that I may use my “glue ties” to educate those who didn’t make it higher than I in school or who are “sheep” being led to the slaughter from their own ignorance. Satan is very cunning and he has the wool over the eyes of many. He is on an all out assault on us and our country (what’s left of it) if we do not wake up those who have been lulled to sleep then we stand lose all. I have spent many years teaching them and thought at times it was a waste of time and energy or could have been spent on someone else. Recently a select few came back to me and told me some of the things I had said, when I was called a “quack”. They said I was right and it did happen or they see now. It usually takes someone who has a “piece of paper” or degree (no offense) to tell them the same before they listen. I obviously don’t like that, it makes me very angry. I also understand at the same time. I also choose to see the glass half full, meaning, they would probably never have listened to that person had I not put the bug in their to begin with. So I raised the question or possibility in their mind so that when the other person came along they truly absorbed the info. I tend to babble at times in type so I appreciate your time, your blog and look forward to reading and learning more!

  5. Check out secession.net which promotes radical decentralism, especially from a libertarian viewpoint

  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Your´s is interesting. The post on homeschooling is very good. At the risk of telling you something you already know, ¨Pillars of the Republic¨ is a good read. By Carl Kaestle, it made me sure I would home educate and rethink the way education is delivered.

    • Thank you, and I’ll look up that book, as I haven’t heard of it. I haven’t posted much here recently. I’m trying to learn some basic html to create the domain southernabolitionist.net that I bought.

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